Karnataka Class IX student ends life after being scolded for extreme mobile phone usage-

Picture Courtesy: TNIE

A Class IX student in Karnataka’s Chikkaballapura district died by suicide after being scolded by his parents over mobile phone addiction, the police said in a statement on Tuesday, November 7.

An IANS report stated that the 15-year-old boy Lokesh’s severe mobile phone addiction worried his parents and they wanted him to focus on his studies.

When his father objected to his mobile phone addiction, on Monday, November 6, both of them got into an argument and the boy fought with his parents and left the house in angst.

The boy, in a fit of rage, and not being able to take the constant criticism, hanged himself from a tree in an isolated place in his village, Chittavalahalli.

The police have taken up an investigation, and are further looking into the incident.

Vicious phone addiction
Similar incidents have been taking place in the country where kids and teenagers resorted to taking extreme measures as they were denied access to their cell phones.  According to another IANS report, a 15-year-old boy allegedly ended his life after his parents prohibited him from playing games on his phone in Greater Noida on February 14, this year.

A statement made by the DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police), Greater Noida, said that the boy was upset since his phone was damaged and was not repaired, as his father works as a gardener and they were supposedly financially weak. 


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