Kapil Sharma, Angry Kapil Sharma Slams IndiGo Airline Over Delayed Flight, Calls Them “Shameless”

Actor and television host Kapil Sharma

Actor and television host Kapil Sharma was not happy with his recent IndiGo flight experience. The comedian took to social media to express his frustration with the airline, highlighting a considerable delay and a surprising excuse that the pilot was stuck in traffic.He voiced his discontent with the delayed departure and expressed concern about the airline’s reliability.

Mr Sharma wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, “Dear IndiGo, first you made us wait in the bus for 50 minutes, and now your team is saying pilot is stuck in traffic. What? Really ? We were supposed to take off by 8 pm and it’s 9:20. Still, there is no pilot in the cockpit. Do you think these 180 passengers will fly in Indigo again? Never #indigo 6E 5149 #shameless.”

Mr Sharma later shared a video of passengers deboarding the plane, revealing that they were informed about a change of aircraft, necessitating a return to the terminal for security checks.

“Now they are deboarding all the passengers and saying we will send you on another aircraft, but again, we have to go back to the terminal for a security check,” he wrote.

He additionally posted another video where numerous passengers were seen inquiring about the flight delay, expressing their desire to witness some remedial action. However, all of them appeared visibly upset and frustrated over the prolonged delay.

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