Jammu and Kashmir administration considers early winter break amidst freezing temperatures-

The possibility of declaring winter vacations for schools in the Kashmir valley is being “seriously” contemplated by the Jammu and Kashmir administration, as disclosed by a senior official today, Wednesday, November 22, reports PTI. The consideration comes in view of the minimum temperatures dropping below the freezing point over the last three days, the official informed. 

The Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, V K Bhiduri, stated, “I cannot say anything definitely till a formal announcement is made but we are seriously considering it (winter vacations). A proposal has been submitted in this regard (to the administration).”

Emphasising the need for a balanced approach, Bhiduri explained that while it is easy for the administration to announce winter vacations, it also has to ensure that the students do not suffer academically.

He noted, “We have to balance both things. The academic session of schools is planned and we have to figure in several things, including board examinations. The way the weather has changed, the government is considering this issue (winter vacation). A formal announcement will be made in a day or two.”

According to the report, officials highlighted the potential phased closure of schools where a gradual approach might be adopted. “We may not close all the classes in one go. Maybe primary classes will be closed in the beginning, then middle level and later senior secondary classes. In all likelihood, the primary classes will continue only till the end of this week,” the official stated.

The minimum temperature in Kashmir valley has fallen significantly since Sunday night with the mercury in a freefall in Srinagar where the minimum temperature last night was minus 1.8 degrees Celsius – two degrees below normal for this time of the year.

Bhiduri addressed queries about heating arrangements, stating, “We cannot issue general instructions as some schools have good heating arrangements and some don’t. However, we have sensitised the schools about the issue.”

Notably, the Private Schools Association of Jammu and Kashmir has urged the government to consider declaring winter vacations for lower classes due to the prevailing cold wave conditions in the valley.

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