Instagram, Messenger apps to drop cross-platform chatting soon: impact explained

Meta Platforms, previously known as Facebook, has announced discontinuing cross-messaging support between Facebook Messenger and Instagram, a feature introduced in September 2020.

Facebook and Instagram(AP)

Meta integrated Messenger and Instagram, enabling users to communicate seamlessly across both platforms. This integration facilitated connecting with friends and family on Instagram and Messenger, allowed users to send messages and participate in video calls using either app. With this integration, those using the Messenger app could contact you on Instagram without the need for you to download an additional app, and vice versa.

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How will the change affect users?

According to an updated Instagram support page, beginning in mid-December 2023, Instagram will no longer support chatting with Facebook accounts. This change will affect:

• Starting a new conversations or calls with Facebook accounts on Instagram will no longer be possible.

• Existing chats with Facebook accounts will become read-only, preventing the exchange of new messages.

• Facebook accounts won’t be able to see your Activity Status or message read status.

• Previous chats with Facebook accounts won’t transfer to your Facebook or Messenger inbox. To continue chatting, start a new conversation on Messenger or Facebook from your Facebook account.

Why has Meta ended cross-platform communication?

While Meta hasn’t officially explained the shift, reports suggest it may be influenced by Europe’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), which mandates large companies to facilitate interoperability among messaging platforms.

This change might indicate Meta’s focus towards broader DMA-compliant interoperability within Messenger.

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