“I’m in UoH because I’m Dalit; will fight for social justice,” says ASD’s Prez candid-

“My father is a first-generation Dalit and received employment due to reservation. I could enter HCU because I am a Dalit and I come from a marginalised community,” said the University of Hyderabad Alliance of Social Democracy (ASD), President A Umesh Chandra Ambedkar. Umesh is contesting for the position of president of the students’ union of the University of Hyderabad (UoH), polling for which is scheduled for tomorrow, November 9. Umesh’s agenda is to work for the benefit of students, especially for those from the marginalised community. 


Recalling his days as a Dalit and how that left a mark on the challenges he faced to enter the education sector, Umesh said, “My parents named me after Dr BR Ambedkar who worked for social justice for the marginalised, hence our (ASD) alliance with AIOBCSA (All India OBC Students Association), AISA (All India Students Association), BSF (Bahujan Students Federation), DSU (Dalit Students’ Union) and Fraternity, we will fight for social justice, self-respect and student welfare.” 


In an interview with EdexLive, Umesh discloses their promises to the students and manifesto.


What led you to contest the elections?

Marginalised community students face a lot of struggles on campus. We experience problems with the English language and find it hard to cope with the studies here. So to fight for justice for the marginalised students and make it inclusive for them and all, I am driven to contest in these elections.  

What are the student problems you have noticed in the varsity?

– No hike in Fellowship and scholarship 

– No R.O water plants

– Fee hike 

– Lapses in basic amenities

– Bad food quality in the hostel mess

– No facilities for PwD students 

What are you promising to the students as a part of your campaign?

– PwD (Persons with Disabilities) cell to address issues of PwD students 

– Construct a ramp for PwD and allot public spaces/parking spaces 

– Effective working of the Gender Sensitisation Committee Against Sexual Harassment (GS CASH)

– Hike in fellowships and scholarships

– Investigate cancelling admissions to PhD

– Filling up vacant seats in all departments 

– Organise job fairs, internships and campus placements

With an experience of being elected as a member of the School of Board Counsellor during MBA (Master of Business Administration) from 2017 to 2019, Umesh said, “There is a fair chance for us on the winning side. We will stand by our manifesto and deliver all the promises made.”

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