IIT Roorkee organises all IITs International Relations Conclave-

Glimpse from the conclave | (Pic: Sourced)

The International Relations (IR) Conclave, an influential platform for all the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) is dedicated to fostering discussions on the internationalisation of higher education at IITs. This year, IR Conclave was organised at the IIT Roorkee campus, and the proceedings of the IR Conclave unfolded on November 6 and 7, 2023. 

The event of IR Conclave 2023 brought together a diverse array of stakeholders to address the multifaceted challenges inherent in international education collaboration. It provided a platform for thought leaders, experts, and representatives from academia and funding agencies to engage in extensive dialogues on the strategies of internationalisation within the Indian Institute of Technology system. This event was designed to encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective brainstorming on matters of paramount significance in the realm of internationalization of higher education.

The inaugural session of the event was graced by a distinguished panel of dignitaries, including Prof KK Pant (Director, IIT Roorkee); Dr SK Varshney (International Cooperation, Department of Science and Technology); Prof Nitin Seth (Director, Indo-French Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research – IFCPAR / CEFIPRA); Dr B Chandrasekar (Executive Director, Corporate Planning, EdCIL (India), a Mini Ratna Category 1 CPSE; Prof VC Srivastava (Dean, International Relations) and Prof Ankit Agarwal (Organising Secretary, IR Conclave).

In his address to the conference, Prof KK Pant, Director of IIT Roorkee, underscored the importance of inter-IIT collaboration and strengthening of ties between new and old generation IITs to take on the research and development challenges of the present times. Prof Pant stressed that events such as All IIT Conclave provide a perfect platform for invoking fruitful discussions on the sharing of knowledge and experiences, and the development of strategies for academic and research cooperation.


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