IIT Madras opens first-ever international campus at Zanzibar in Tanzania, Africa-

The first-ever international campus of an IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), IIT Madras Zanzibar was inaugurated by His Excellency Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi, President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council, at the Zanzibar campus in the presence of Tanzanian officials, Indian dignitaries, faculty and students, today, Monday, November 6, according to a statement released by the institution.

The initiative has been undertaken by the Government of India’s endeavour to disseminate Indian education to other countries.

Where is the campus located?
The campus which is in the Bweleo district is located approximately 15 km south of Zanzibar Town and is equipped with international amenities designed to meet the needs of the students. A permanent campus has already been envisioned by the Government of Zanzibar and India and will be soon built jointly.

The campus will further accommodate students in dorms and provide several facilities. Arrangements for offices, classrooms and auditoriums have been meticulously made. Dining facilities and a dispensary are available on campus, and sports facilities are being planned.

Courses available
The university will now offer admissions into BS and MTech programmes, in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, more academic programmes will be offered in the coming year. Students from Zanzibar, mainland Tanzania, Nepal and India have already been admitted.

As per the press release, the first batch at IIT Madras Zanzibar reportedly witnessed women making 40 per cent of the total strength of students who have taken admission to the BS (Bachelor of Science) and MTech (Masters in Technology) programs in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Prof V Kamakoti who is the director at IIT Madras attended the inauguration via a live stream at the Chennai campus. “Today, as we inaugurate the IIT Madras Zanzibar Campus, we embark on a journey of knowledge and innovation that transcends borders. Together, we will nurture excellence, foster collaboration and inspire generations to dream beyond horizons,” he said on the occasion.

He further said that a total of 45 students have been admitted to  a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Data Science and AI and a two-year Master of Technology degree in Data Science and AI.

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