IIT Delhi students to conduct All SC/ST Student Open House at 5 pm today-

File photo of IIT Delhi | (Pic: IIT Delhi)

The students of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi are going to conduct an open house scheduled for today, 5 pm. Announcing this on November 14, the Ambedkar Periyar Phule Study Circle (APPSC), an independent student body at IIT Delhi, via its Instagram post shared, “We will have an open house meeting tomorrow, Wednesday (15th Nov), at 5PM in the LT-2.”

As per the poster released by APPSC, the meeting has been titled ‘All SC/ST Student Open House’ which will be held at Block 6, LT-2 in the campus. Disclosing the reason, the student body said that this meeting will¬†stand as an attempt to create a safe space on campus so that students can talk about their experiences, needs and aspirations. “This is an opportunity to meet others who share your lived experience and can provide support,” it added.

“If you are interested in ICE PoRs and joining/volunteering for the TLS workshop or have already submitted your nomination, it will help in creating an equal and safer campus,” said the collective urging for others to “come in big numbers!”.

Additionally, it is reported that the post-meeting, an informal interaction will be followed over tea/coffee and snacks, as mentioned in a statement by the students of the institute, 


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