Huge Rush At Railway Stations, Stampede-Like Situation

Massive crowds were also witnessed at railway stations in the national capital.

New Delhi:

With millions traveling to celebrate Diwali with their families, Indian Railways has faced criticism for its poor handling of the holiday rush. Videos circulating on social media show jampacked trains, long queues outside compartments, leaving many travelers stranded and unable to reach their destinations. 

One person on X (formerly Twitter) shared a video claiming to have bought a confirmed ticket, yet missed out on his journey because he was unable to get inside a train in Gujarat’s Vadodara.

“Indian Railways worst management. Thanks for ruining my Diwali. This is what you get even when you have a confirmed 3rd AC ticket. No help from Police. Many people like me were not able to board,” he wrote.

“The labour crowd thrown me out of the train. They locked the doors and they were not letting anyone enter into the train. Police said clearly no to help me and started laughing on the situation,” he added.

The Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) of Vadodara responded on social media, urging the railway police to look into the incident.

Massive crowds were also witnessed at railway stations in the national capital. Visuals on social media show stations in New Delhi packed to the brim while travellers await their trains. 

In Surat, a stampede erupted as a large crowd of passengers surged towards a special train bound for Bihar, leaving one person dead and two others injured on Saturday. The police confirmed multiple incidents of fainting as well. 

The large crowd that gathered at the railway station caused some passengers to experience panic attacks and dizziness, the police said. 

In view of the rush at stations across the country, the Railways have pressed into service 1,700 special trains, making 26 lakh additional berths available.

“Approximately 26 lakh extra berths have been added for the convenience of passengers,” a Railways official told news agency PTI.

He said these are extra berths in addition to those available on regular trains across the network. The demand for train reservations is so high that it is becoming difficult for the people planning to head home for the festivities to get a reserved berth.

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