“HEIs coming forward to implement NEP for centric education policies”: UGC Secretary-

Pic: UGC

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are actively embracing the New Education Policy 2020 (NEP) due to its centric education policies, said University Grant Commission (UGC) Secretary Manish R Joshi, as reported by The New Indian Express.

Speaking to media persons at Coimbatore Airport, Joshi highlighted Tamil Nadu’s keen interest in providing quality education, especially in higher education.

“NEP gives centric education policies to students looking for better opportunities, flexibility, and freedom. As a result, HEIs are coming forward to implement the NEP which fulfils the students’ knowledge in all areas,” he said. 

“In recent interaction regarding NEP with the students and teachers organised by Anna University, they were enthusiastic about the NEP. Besides, we have appointed student ambassadors who are called NEP SAARATHI, are creating awareness benefits of the NEP among the students in the HEIs,” he said. 

“NEP allows the students to write the final exam in the mother tongue even if the courses are offered in English medium and due to this, it created more enthusiasm among the students,” he said. 

Addressing concerns about the implementation challenges of the NEP, Joshi stated that there is no inherent difficulty. He emphasised that not adopting the NEP could lead to a knowledge gap and underlined the necessity of its implementation for holistic education, given the high aspirations of students in the current e


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