Google Meet gets ability to detect raised hands. What does it do, how to use?

For its video communication service Meet, Google has introduced an ability that will detect a person’s hand if they raise it while participating in a meeting on the platform, to indicate they want to speak.

Google’s gesture detection feature for Meet (Image courtesy: Google)

The feature eliminates the need to click the hand-raise icon, that notifies others that a participant wants to talk.

The gesture detection feature, announced by Google through a blog post on November 21, has been fully rolled out for Rapid Release domains, while for Scheduled Release domains, a gradual rollout will begin on November 28.

Here is all you need to know about the feature:

(1.) Users must simply raise their hand; the gesture detection tool will recognise it.

(2.) You must, however, keep your hand raised for a few seconds and make sure that it is positioned right in front of the camera, away from your face and body.

(3.) Other participants will be automatically notified that you want to speak.

(4.) It must also be noted that if one is addressing the meeting, the feature will not get triggered as the person is already speaking; the ability, therefore, is activated only for a participant who is not an active speaker or someone who is not speaking at that point.

(5.) Off by default, the tool can be enabled by selecting: More options > Reactions > Hand Raise Gesture.

(6.) It can be used for: Google Workspace Business Plus, Business Standard, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Starter, Education Plus, the Teaching and Learning Upgrade customers, and individual Workspace subscribers.

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