From Virat Kohli to LeBron James, here’s why elite athletes prefer WHOOP bands

During the thrilling ICC Cricket World Cup semi-finals against New Zealand, Virat Kohli secured his 50th ODI hundred. It surely was a spectacle to witness but another thing that grabbed the fans’ attention was a piece of tech that the 35-year-old Indian cricketer sported. During the match, Kohli wore a rather plain-looking sports band, making fans wonder about the reason behind his choice of accessory. For those unaware, it is a wearable fitness band by WHOOP. This health and fitness tracker is favoured by many elite athletes including NBA star Lebron James, Michael Phelps, Rory Mcllroy, and Tiger Woods.

Mumbai, Nov 15 (ANI): (Combo Picture) India’s Virat Kohli blows a flying kiss to his wife Anushka Sharma on scoring his century during the semi-final match against New Zealand in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Wednesday. Virat Kohli scores his 50th ODI century, breaking Sachin Tendulkar’s record of most ODI centuries. (ANI Photo)(ANI)

What is the WHOOP band?

WHOOP is a US-based tech company, known for its advanced health and fitness tracking products. It allows the user to monitor physical activity, recovery, strain, and more. Its band stands out from its competitors due to its simplicity and clean looks. Unlike other fitness bands, the WHOOP band has no screen. Its strap consists of five sensors, which measure user data such as heart rate and its variability, ambient temperature, movement, and skin conductivity.

Its battery lasts up to five days and generates 100MB of data per day. When paired with its mobile application, users get access to a wide array of data insights including recovery, cardiovascular strain, training load, and the quality of sleep. It acts as a personal digital coach for its users. WHOOP claims that its constantly evolving metrics are accurate and “science-backed.” With five LEDs and four photodiodes, it captures data with precision.

A key aspect of WHOOP’s application is the Strain Coach feature, which recommends to the users personalised daily training levels based on their recovery status and current strain. It also provides access to long-term trends and daily data visualisation. Another essential factor that comes into play behind the reason why many elite athletes prefer it over traditional fitness bands is its unique design.

Users are free to decide where they want to wear it during high-intensity workouts or sports. The WHOOP band can be worn on the wrist, biceps, clothes, socks, or underwear, giving users a sense of flexibility and freedom in movement. It features a durable Onyx SuperKnit band and a waterproof wireless battery. It is IP68 dust-proof and water-resistant up to 10 meters for up to two hours. However, its latest version, WHOOP 4.0 comes with an expensive monthly subscription, which may not be preferable to those not seeking intensive data on sleep and recovery.

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