“Flex, Slay” Among Most Annoying Slangs Gen Z Use At Work

Another annoying word that topped the list was – Period.

In a recent survey conducted by the language learning platform Preply, Canadian corporate employees had the opportunity to critique their colleagues for the perceived overuse of generational jargon in the workplace.

As per the New York Post, the term “Ping you” emerged as the top workplace jargon to avoid, according to 1,002 survey responses, while Gen Z faced accusations of excessive use of “G.O.A.T.”

When Gen Z participants were questioned about cliched terms, the generation often associated with the belief that they invented walking without headphones identified as “period.”

Despite 92% of individuals in their 20s claiming to use corporate jargon at work, a notable 20% admitted to being confused by these buzzwords.

Another annoying word that topped the list was – Period. 


Originating as an acronym for “Greatest of All Time,” this expression gained prominence in sports discussions, particularly in debates over athletes such as Michael Jordan or Tom Brady who were considered unrivalled in their respective sports.

G.O.A.T. has now surpassed the previously popular phrase “You the real MVP,” famously uttered by basketball player Kevin Durant upon being crowned NBA MVP in 2014.


“Slay” is used when an individual is surpassing expectations, often excelling in terms of appearance or achieving personal and professional milestones, sometimes even exceeding their own standards.


Abbreviated from “suspicious,” this expression is frequently employed to characterize questionable or dubious behaviour.


The shortened form of “for real” imparts a sense of seriousness or precision to a situation or description.


Vibing serves as a means to convey positive emotional sentiments for the younger generation or individuals who may not excel verbally.


A type of boasting or flaunting, akin to showcasing one’s muscles, should not be confused with Phil Swift’s Flex Seal products. 

Glow Up

Applied to an individual’s personal growth and development over time, it may involve young individuals using more mature language or expressing themselves with advanced vocabulary.


A way to agree to something or saying “yes”.


Gen Z has transformed into the very entity they vowed to dismantle, as they, too, engage in the use of one-word, sentence-concluding interjections.


A method to characterize an individual’s absence of uniqueness and independent thinking, often exemplified by the use of these particular phrases.

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