Five boys forced to take cold water bath under school’s pump-

Pic credits: Edex Live

About five students of a government-aided school in the Faridpur town in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly district were forced to take a bath in cold water at a pumping set as punishment. The principal assumed that the children had skipped their morning shower before coming to school, as stated in a report by IANS

This incident took place on December 19, Tuesday, in Chhatrapati Shivaji Inter College, Bareilly where, after morning assembly, Principal Ranvijay Singh identified five students who he said had come to school without taking a shower. Further, he said that the idea was not to punish them but to encourage them to come to school neat and clean so that they may lead a healthy life. 

Narrating the incident, the principal said, “We checked nails, shoes, uniforms, and so on during assembly and found five students who had come without taking a bath. During the interval, we took them to the school pumping set, told them to take their uniforms off and take a bath.”

The pumping set was made operational, after which, the five students bathed in the cold water at around 10 am. Following this, they donned their uniforms and were made to stand in a line. The principal made a video in which he told students that in future, they must come to school after taking a bath, as stated in a report by IANS.


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