First edition of HIVE Conclave organised by IIT Mandi iHub and HCI Foundation-

IIT Mandi iHub and HCI Foundation today, November 18, concluded the first edition of its flagship HIVE Conclave held at Hotel Pride Plaza, New Delhi. The event marked a pioneering milestone in fostering collaboration and convergence between researchers and industry professionals in India. 

The event, the first of its kind in the country, witnessed enthusiastic participation from an array of researchers and industry professionals and successfully achieved its goal of enabling the ideal convergence between research and industry to address real-life problems through the aid of technology.

The event witnessed a series of insightful discussions, presentations, and talks from eminent personalities from across sectors like industry, research, and government. It further provided an effective platform for researchers and industry to gain a deeper understanding of market realities and needs. 

The theme of the conclave was Leading through Problem Statement: Following it with Solution Pitch! The association between the research community and the industry professionals showcased the potential for mutual support, alignment, and collaboration which could lead to accelerated and meaningful outcomes, in turn contributing positively towards the socio-economic progress of our nation.  

The conclave began with a Networking Dinner on November 17, setting the stage for collaborative engagement, backed by the idea that collaborative efforts are the best way forward to provide industry stakeholders, including start-ups, with a research-based foundation for their ideas and products, while simultaneously enabling researchers to gain insights into market realities and needs.

The Inaugural Address by Prof Laxmidhar Behera, Director, IIT Mandi, on November 18, marked the official commencement of the event; he congratulated IIT Mandi iHub for its Skill Development Program which is not only focusing on skilling but also ensuring employment after skill training. 

Prof Behera further shared, “IIT Mandi is at the forefront of Human-Computer Interaction, with numerous exciting developments underway. Our focus extends beyond theoretical research to tangible marketable products. In collaboration with a consortium of researchers, we are driving four grand projects, including an innovative artificial scheme, a bio-manufacturing initiative for printable food, and the crucial development of a Made-in-India air ambulance.” 

“These projects showcase our commitment to addressing real-world challenges. Beyond these, our diverse projects span non-invasive diabetic diagnosis, smart yoga mats, and more. The Technology Innovation Hub empowers youth, boasting a 100% success rate, with 180+ students having being trained and securing jobs. I am confident that today’s conclave shall play an instrumental role in translating visionary ideas into impactful products, learning from those who have navigated the same path,”he said

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