Epic Games and LEGO group hint on upcoming crossover, ‘LEGO Llama’ sparks buzz

A possible crossover between Fortnite and LEGO has sparked more speculation, as the LEGO Group shared a picture of a llama covered with LEGO bricks on Twitter.

LEGO llama tweet sparks speculation of Fortnite and LEGO collaboration(LEGO/X)

The llama resembles the Supply Llama from Fortnite, and the tweet comes after some leaks about a collaboration between the two brands. This could mean that Season OG of Fortnite will have some new LEGO-themed content for the players to enjoy.

Season OG has already brought back the original Fortnite map and some old items and features, as well as new events featuring Lewis Hamilton, Eleven from Stranger Things, and the Big Bang event that will end the season.

Fortnite is known for its amazing collaborations with other franchises, and fans are excited about the potential of a LEGO crossover, which was hinted by a leak from HYPEX. The LEGO Group’s tweet of a LEGO llama seems to confirm the rumors. The tweet only had a thinking face emoji as a caption, leaving the fans to wonder what it means. Many of the replies were related to LEGO, and the Xbox account also joined in with an eyes wide emoji.

The LEGO llama could be a teaser for the upcoming Fortnite and LEGO crossover, which has been leaked before by Twitter user ShiinaBR in April 2023. ShiinaBR claimed that Epic Games and LEGO were working on a collaboration, which fueled more speculation among the players.

The collaboration was actually announced in April 2022, when Epic Games and LEGO said they had a deal to shape the future of the metaverse with a focus on safety and fun, according to the details on the Epic Games/LEGO collaboration.

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According to the leaks, the Fortnite and LEGO crossover will launch on December 7, 2023, and will bring a lot of LEGO-inspired features to the game.

Some of the features include new Workbenches and Map Markers made of LEGO bricks, and a new weapon called the LEGO Stud Gun. It is also possible that the LEGO llama will appear in the game as a new item or a cosmetic, but that is not confirmed yet. Epic Games and the LEGO Group have not made any official announcement about the crossover yet, but the fans are eagerly waiting for more information.

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