Elon Musk’s X brings Job Search tool. How to use it?

Elon Musk-owned X, the social network previously known as Twitter, has finally rolled out its Job Search tool, which, as its name suggests, will help people explore jobs using the microblogging platform.

The Job Search tool on X (Image courtesy: twitter.com/XHiring)

The Job Search tool is currently in its initial stage and, for now, is available only as a web version, with iOS and Android versions to come ‘soon’, according to X.

The tool is available at x.com/jobs. Also, its arrival comes nearly three months after the August launch of XHiring, which allows companies with ‘Verified Organizations’ status on the social network, to post employment opportunities on their X handles.

Additionally, the social media giant’s foray into a domain largely dominated by LinkedIn is in line with Musk’s plan to turn the former into an ‘Everything app‘.

How does the Job Search tool work?

The feature seems basic so far – in the ‘Keyword’ field, the job seeker must enter keywords related to the industry they are looking to work in, along with the position; in the ‘Location’ field, on the other hand, they must enter their preferred location (city) for the said opportunity.

As per a report, however, users will be redirected to external sites to actually apply, including for roles at X itself. As for the companies displaying open positions on the platform, the report notes that these include some major tech firms, including the ones run, owned or founded by the billionaire, the world’s richest person.

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