EFLU replaces proctor; students welcome move and say protest will continue-

T Samson the Proctor of The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) Hyderabad, has now been appointed as the Dean of Planning, replacing Professor J Savithri for a period of one year as per a notification released by the administration on Tuesday, November 7.

The notice states, “Approval has been accorded for the appointment of Prof T Samson, Head, Department of English Literature, School of Literary Studies as the Dean, Planning in place of Prof J Savithri for a period of one year with immediate effect consequent upon the request to relieve her on personal grounds.”

Another circular released the same day declares that the position of the Proctor of the university has now been granted to Professor T Srivani who is the Head of Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies, School of European Languages.

Admin indecisive?

The decision of the proctor’s removal has been acknowledged by the Students Collective and they view it as a positive outcome of their ongoing protests against the administration, as per the circular released by the body on Tuesday, November 7.

The students also questioned the university’s previously made statements where it was deemed that the resignation of the Proctorial Board is “untenable”, but the Proctor was removed the next day after the release of the statement.

Allegations against the Proctor

The students have accused the proctor of inaction and claimed that his attitude regarding the case of the sexual assault has been apathetic and insensitive as he described it as a “small incident” during a student gathering.

The body also states that he has had a history of targeting students, the recent being the FIRs launched against the 11 peaceful protestors. According to them, the proctor’s removal would now ensure a fair investigation into the matter.

Struggle to continue

The students’ collective adjudge this as a partial fulfillment of their demands, and stated that the struggle to ensure a safe campus would continue without fail.

As per a student’s testimony, the indefinite hunger strike would continue. Presently, five people are on an indefinite hunger strike, and in addition to this, five to six students are going on a relay hunger strike for 24 hours to support those on indefinite strike.

They state, “We stand united for our cause and continue with the indefinite hunger strike until all the demands – justice for the survivor, resignation of the Vice Chancellor as well as the remaining members of the Proctorial Board, reconstitution of the ICC with elected student representatives, withdrawal of the false FIRs and Show Cause Notices, and immediate conduct of Student Union elections, are met.”

Investigation regarding the assault is also underway as speaking to EdexLive, an Osmania University police officer said that as a part of the investigation, 15 individuals who were present in and around the scene of the incident are being questioned. 

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