Dubai Under Water, Metro Station Submerged, Cars Abandoned On Road

Heavy rain threw life into disarray in Dubai on Tuesday.

Heavy rain threw life into disarray in Dubai on Tuesday, crippling the city of skyscrapers and submerging its metro stations. Flights were impacted, and so was the road traffic as the city looked the exact opposite of its lavish facade.

The flash floods revealed an unusual image of Dubai, including a waterlogged metro station where passengers navigated in ankle-deep water. The ground floor of the station was entirely inundated with water seeping into the sides of the escalators.

Outside, cars were submerged. Roads resembled pools with reflections of high-rises all around, essentially locking its thousands of residents to their homes.

“I am sure these people are not going to reach home today. This road has turned into a river,” remarked a woman while filming an arterial road choked due to traffic – from her terrace. She also pointed to a submerged Land Cruiser, whose passengers had to be rescued through the sunroof.

A close-up view of another road showed cars piled up, abandoned by their owners as they were almost under water.

Dubai, which has the world’s busiest air hub for international passengers, also had to divert several inbound flights. Delays and cancellations marred operations at the Dubai International Airport. The access roads leading to the airport were also inundated. Planes were seen taxiing on flooded runways and cars half-submerged at the airport’s parking lot.

Several other city landmarks – including flagship shopping centres like Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates – were flooded as well. Residential communities faced hardships, struggling with leakages from roofs, doors, and windows.

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