Document verification online: A Secret Recipe to Keep Fraudsters Away

Document verification online mitigates the risk of fraud to bring an excellent onboarding experience for companies to verify the identity of the customers to ensure that nobody is trying to use a duplicate account or a fake account. Advanced AI-based models are working in verification processes which allows to choose the right partners and clients for business success. Online document verification has brought a revolution in B2B  onboarding as it allows successful KYC and KYT.

Where to use online verification documents?

In this era, the world has been moved toward the digital environment. Now there is a need for online verification of documents in almost all industries no matter whether it’s business, educational, financial, health care, etc. Companies and government agencies are using online verification document protocols as well. There is a need for online verification methods to verify IDs, birth certificates, passports, and many more.

What is ID document verification? 

Document verification refers to the verification of certain documents like personal identity cards, passports, driving licenses, residence permits, etc. These documents are automatically recognized with the help of OCR, MRZ features, and barcode scanning.  MRZ is decoded and compared with the data obtained as an extract from the document. Signatures, photos, ghost portraits, bar codes, and QR codes are also extracted as additional security features.

Human ID experts are there to help in checking the visual authenticities. This verification provides an essential component for comprehensive onboarding and verifications to eliminate the risk of identity theft, forgery, fraud, and duplication. 

Know Your Customer (KYC)

KYC includes formal documents only, which can be passports, and utility bills, particularly a document that is used for KYC verification must have the information that would be able to verify the identity and address of the customers. For B2B businesses it is compulsory to verify identity documents as it is an important part of customer due diligence, which is very important for the regulation of all entities. It is very important to have identity documents that provide valid proof regarding the customers’ name and address. Similarly, for all businesses and almost all companies, KYC document verification works as the backbone for successful and fair dealings.

How is KYC document verification done?

KYC document verification is done as per its main elements; address and name are the main elements for KYC verification. KYC verification may include the following essential tools.

  • Electronic databases

Electronic databases are used to obtain and confirm data for comparison to know whether the information provided by the KYC documents is accurate or not. It helps to know whether the document is legal and authentic or not.

  • Biometrics

Biometrics contain AI detectors and sensors which truly help to identify and authenticate an individual.

  • APIs (Digital application program interfaces are also used to verify the authentication and identity of any individual.
  • Digital Credentials are also used to access mobiles and other online applications regarding identity verification.‍

How to Verify KYC Documents?

For KYC document verification, name and address are the mandatory elements which are to be verified. The following documents will be used to identify two core elements: name and address.

For POI (proof of identity), member state identity card, passport, birth certificate, driving license, national identity card, along photographs are used.

For POA (proof of address) ‍Utility bills, tax demand letters, bank statements, and mortgage statements are used for verification. Proof of address must be issued within the three months is considered for KYC verification.

Both kinds of verifications have their own role in business success and development.

Advantages of Online Document Checker

For an Online Document Checker, there is no need for manual work as KYC documents are verified through artificial intelligence and machine learning models. It is also good to eliminate the expense rate of any organization as there is no need for a large number of employees to work as all the actions are performed digitally. One of the most positive characteristics of this method is its 100% accuracy in the identification and verification process particularly in B2B onboarding. It allows us to beat security issues.


Document verification online allows businesses to reach only verified clients and have a successful business without any risk of fraud and forgery by having KYC verification, which allows them to access the authentic information of the clients they are going to work with and to have a successful business development. It ensures that the user is not performing any kind of data breach. The companies verify their clients and measure their risk rate. All this is done with the help of various AI detectors which are based on certain algorithms and work systematically with the highest level of accuracy.

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