Deputy Proctor, Provost meet students; assure amicable dialogue-

Picture Courtesy: TNIE

Today, November 8, the protesting students of The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad, interacted with the Provost of Basheer Hostels, Dr C Vipin Kumar and the Deputy Proctor, Mr Vamshi Krishna B M regarding issues of transparency and the health centre’s denial to tend to the students on hunger strike. The interaction was livestreamed via the Instagram handle of students  

As the hunger strike entered its third day, the students were given a glimmer of hope amidst their ongoing struggle as Professor T Samson was replaced as the Proctor of the university. It may be recalled that resignation of the proctorial board was one of their non-negotiable demands.

A conciliatory talk?
The interaction could be seen as relatively amicable given the nature of the first interaction between the former Proctor T Samson and Registrar K Narasimha Rao.

The second interaction, today, with the students could comparatively be termed as “amicable” in nature as students were placated by the officials and were assured of action from the administration.

One of the officials said, “We are keen on initiating a dialogue with the students but this might need a series of conversations where we take steps towards the issues gradually.”

The students retorted that they were not denying the conduction of an intelligible exchange of dialogue but only demand transparency regarding the decisions made by the administration. 

But the official emphasised the importance of trust that needs to be formed between the students and the administration to facilitate an environment for healthy discussions, to which, the students reiterated the importance of the presence of a students’ representation in the university’s decision-making process and demanded that the university cannot make standalone decisions for the welfare of the students. 

Students on the hunger strike not extended any help?
The students of the EFLU claim that the students on the hunger strike have not been extended help from the university’s health centre as they say that no documents have been submitted to them before the strike. They further deny the allegations of the official as they say that the students’ collective had sent an email to the Dean of Students’ Welfare (DSW), the Proctorial office and to the Registrar, twenty-four before the commencement of the protests, and add that the health center of the university was intimated about it as well.

The collective also claimed incompetence on the side of the administration due to its failure to see the email which is now leading to delays in getting help for the students on a hunger strike.


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