Delhi Pollution Delhi Air Quality Odd Even Rule Applying Band Aid When You Need Surgery

The need to extend the odd-even rule beyond November 20 will reviewed later

Delhi remains wrapped in a thick blanket of toxic smog for nearly a week now. This has prompted the authority to impose an Odd-even rule in Delhi from November 13 to November 20. Many regions in the capital recorded an AQI of 999.Β 

Under the odd-even rule, only vehicles with registration numbers ending with an odd digit will be allowed on Delhi roads on odd-number days and those with even digits will be allowed on even-number days. The scheme aims to cut down vehicular traffic by half, thereby reducing air pollution.

Soon after the announcement made by State Environment Minister Gopal Rai, the internet was quick to react. The decision did not sit well with many Delhiites who have been asking the government to come up with a sustainable solution to the consistent problem of air pollution.Β 

A user asked the Delhi government if they expected a forest to grow within seven days. “Oh, absolutely, but we all know that implementing the Odd-Even rule for 7 days is the secret to magically growing a lush forest in the heart of Delhi! Who needs long-term env. planning anyway? @dir_ed @DelhiPolice let’s bet will he further extend odd-even?”

Another user wrote, “Governments can implement odd even to disrupt transport, but can’t stop parali burning. Governments can punish for running industries, but can’t stop parali burning. Governments can close schools, colleges and universities, but can’t stop parali burning. Hail Socialism.”

“Odd-Even” is like applying Band-Aid when you need surgery. How will Odd Even curb the 3000 daily incidents of stubble burning in Punjab? What has the AAP govt done for long-term solutions to vehicular pollution, road dust, biomass burning and industrial pollution ?? Just event management is all the AAP does & now we are stuck in a Gas chamber,” the third user commented.Β 

“So we are going to be back to odd-even in Delhi a week after some of us are probably gonna be dead. And Ofc THAT’S the solution,” the fourth user wrote.Β 

“This year Kejriwal govt till now has not introduced the Odd-Even formula to fight polluted air, people of Delhi started complaining about polluted air, Delhi govt must have found out other possible options in this fight, Β like sharing cars while going to work,” the fifth user wrote.Β 

The need to extend the odd-even rule beyond November 20 will reviewed later, the minister said.

The overall air quality index (AQI) was recorded at 488 this morning in Delhi, much above the upper level set by the World Health Organisation. Some of the worst-affected areas included RK Puram (466), ITO (402), Patparganj (471), and New Moti Bagh (488).

With the AQI hovering around 500, the quality of the air that people breathe in Delhi and neighbouring cities is equivalent to smoking 25-30 cigarettes a day.


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