Delhi Man Saves Life Of Fellow Biker Injured In Accident, Loses His Own

The driver of the water tanker fled and a case has been registered against him.

New Delhi:

Saving a fellow biker who was injured in an accident ended up costing a man his own life after he was hit by a speeding truck just as he was about to leave the site of the crash. 

The incident took place near Kargil Chowk in Southwest Delhi on November 3 and a case was filed on Monday. In the First Information Report (FIR), Amarjeet Singh said he was headed to Gurugram around 10.20 pm on November 3 when his car was hit from behind by a motorcycle. 

Amarjeet was travelling with an employee of his tea shop and, when they got down to investigate, they saw that the biker appeared to be drunk and had suffered a head injury, the FIR states.

Some people stopped to help and another motorcyclist, 46-year-old Shamsher Singh, was among them. The police were called and while everyone was waiting for them to arrive, another man offered to take the injured biker to a hospital in his car. Amarjeet and Shamsher helped the injured man into the car and it left for the hospital. 

The FIR states that just as Shamsher headed towards his bike to go home, he was hit hard by a speeding water tanker. The force of the impact was so high that he was flung into the air before landing on the road. When the tea shop employee told Amarjeet what had happened, he got into his car and began chasing the water tanker. He managed to overtake the tanker around the Goyla Dairy area but the driver stopped the vehicle and ran away.

“Shamsher Singh died on the spot. A case has been registered against the water tanker driver and further investigation is on. The first biker who was injured is being treated in a hospital,” said a police official from the Dwarka North police station. 

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