CUTN VC during seminar series-

The Department of Geology, School of Earth Sciences of the Central University of Tamil Nadu (CUTN) hosted a seminar series titled Geological Exploration and Opportunities. During the Presidential Address delivered by Prof M Krishnan, Vice-Chancellor spoke on the issue of the significant deluge experienced in Chennai and nearby districts, a consequence of the intense rainfall associated with Cyclone Michaung.

Prof Krishnan, highlighting the broader purpose of higher education, urged departments like Geology and Geography to actively pursue practical solutions for efficient water drainage in waterlogged regions. In the rapidly evolving development landscape, he emphasised the necessity for environmentally friendly and sustainable approaches across all sectors, especially in addressing challenges like waterlogging. The vice-chancellor stressed that students should learn proper planning, data analysis, and contribute valuable insights and solutions to contemporary challenges, which is imperative to meet the needs of our growing population.

The vice-chancellor and chief guest Prof Ganapathy Shanmugham, Professor of Geology from the University of Texas jointly unveiled the Department of Geology logo and introduced the newsletter for the Department of Geology, Earth Saga.

During his keynote address, Prof Ganapathy Shanmugham shared details about his humble beginnings, and the journey that led him to become a scientist. He highlighted the continuous evolution of the field of geology and its contributions to society.

During the event, TVK Rajan, an archaeologist, shared intriguing insights about the prehistoric humans, who once inhabited the banks of what is now known as Kosasthlaiaaru near Chennai. He urged the School of Earth Sciences to date the site and displayed tools used by prehistoric humans, encouraging students to visit the site to learn and gain a deeper understanding of prehistoric life.

Vetriselan, Director of Revenue and Margin Management provided hands-on training on data analytics that significantly contributes to the fields of geography and geology.

The event was organised by Dr Guru Balamurugan, Head, Department of Geology. The event was attended by Prof Sulochana Shekhar, Dean, School of Earth Sciences students, faculty and staff of the department.

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