Cuemath launches its first physical Math learning center in Gurugram-

Here are the details of the Cuemath centre | (Pic: EdexLive)

Cuemath, a math learning company, has inaugurated its first-ever offline Math learning centre in Gurugram on November 28, Tuesday. This move comes in response to growing parental demand for in-person Math classes, where children can benefit from personalised attention and a heightened focus on written problem-solving. The centre was inaugurated by Founder and CEO of Cuemath, Manan Khurma.

Aligning with its mission to transform the way children learn Math by teaching the subject as a life skill beyond academic success, the newly launched learning centre is a safe and children-friendly physical setup that includes – well-equipped Math classrooms, Math play areas with physical Math manipulatives, and a Math library.

The learning centre will be accessible to students from Classes K–12 and will play a key role in delivering finest in-class learning experience with a strong emphasis on engagement and enhancing learning outcomes through the small group class format.

In addition to the network of 5,000 plus teachers nationally, Cuemath has brought in a new set of trained and certified Math tutors for the initiative. The newly appointed dedicated team of Cuemath tutors will instruct children face-to-face at the centre and offer them real-time guidance while emphasising the importance of writing for learning Math.

The centre will be operational all seven days a week, allowing parents to enroll their kids aligning with their schedules and other academic pursuits.

At the inauguration, Manan Khurma, Founder & CEO of Cuemath said, “Offline teaching has always been in our DNA, and we began with teachers operating local centres from their homes. Fueled by overwhelming parental demand, we are proud to launch our first offline centre in India, driven by our mission to be the best global Math learning company. Our goal is to ensure world-class Math learning for every child, unlocking the multitude of possibilities a strong Math foundation can provide for students across the globe. We continually strive to enhance our offering even further to improve the delivery of exceptional student-teacher experience and are confident that this offline learning centre will be a stepping stone to significantly enhance the efficacy of Math learning.”


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