Connections NYT hints and answers for December 19, 2023

The New York Times has launched an engaging new word game called Connections, creating a buzz in the online community. The game is simple yet highly addictive, challenging players to unravel the hidden connections among 16 carefully selected words grouped into four themes, such as books or technology. Only one true link binds each quartet, demanding razor-sharp deduction and keen wordplay. Each wrong guess piles onto your error stack, adding an extra layer of suspense. With 4 lifelines, can you master today’s puzzle? Dive in or jump to the end for the December 19 solution.

Can you crack today’s NYT Connections? (New York Times)

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Connections Today Hints for December 19

Yellow: Ornaments

Green: A stand-up comedy needs to go through this process

Blue: The charisma or pull

Purple: It can be letters or numbers

If you know what are we talking about then minimize this page and go try to solve your puzzle.

Connections Today: These are categories





Blow the trumpets before we reveal the answer….

Connections Today: Answer for December 19

Here is the #191 Connections’ answer-

ACCESSORIES – Belt, Bracelet, Tie, Watch

COMEDIAN’S OUTPUT – Bit, Joke, Routine, Sketch

ATTRACTION – Appeal, Charm, Draw, Pull

TWO LETTERS + NUMBER – Canine, Freight, Often, Stone

If today’s ‘Connections’ puzzle proves challenging, don’t feel discouraged. Tomorrow will present a fresh set of words for you to delve into and decipher.

How to play NYT Connections

To excel at The Connections, you must unleash your inner word wizard. The game features a board with sixteen words, each falling under one of four undisclosed categories. Your task is to choose four words that seem to belong to the same category and click on “submit.” You have the flexibility to make three mistakes in the process.

What is NYT Connections?

The latest word game from The New York Times is becoming a sensation on social media. Puzzle editor Wyna Liu played a crucial role in creating and introducing this engaging word game to the publication’s Games section.

Similar to Wordle, “Connections” offers a new puzzle each day that gets more challenging as the clock ticks toward midnight. To assist you in navigating these linguistic puzzles, we’ve gathered a set of hints and strategies.

Accessible on web browsers and mobile devices, ‘Connections’ invites players to categorize four words based on a shared attribute.

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