Congress To Election Commission Over PM’s “Wealth To Infiltrators” Remark

New Delhi:

The Congress has approached the Election Commission demanding action over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s claim that the party, if brought to power, will redistribute the nation’s wealth in favour of Muslims and is also eyeing women’s “mangalsutras” for this cause. The party has already vehemently criticised PM Modi, accusing him of making “divisive comments”.  

Its letter to Commission contained its strongest remarks in recent days.

“While we have objections to the entire tone and tenor of the Prime Minister’s speech, in this representation we wish to highlight the completely unprecedented and malicious allegations as well statements which are clearly aimed at creating enmity between groups, far worse than any ever made by a sitting Prime Minister in the history of India. This cannot go unchecked, unanswered and unpunished,” the letter read.

The party also said the PM Modi and the BJP’s repeated comments invoking religious sentiments “has been bolstered by the Hon’ble Commission’s inaction” in penalising them for their “blatant and direct violations of electoral laws”.

“Our PM had given a speech in Rajasthan, which targets a particular community which may snatch our national resources. That community is linked with infiltrators. His allegations about an attack on Mangalsutras, is again a religious link.  It is a blatant violation of ECI circular,” senior party leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi said after meeting the Commission.

“We are thankful to ECI to give us time, we had raised 17 issues which attacks the basic principles of our constitution,” he added.

PM Modi had first raised the issue in Rajasthan over the weekend and then reiterated in western Uttar Pradesh, where elections are due later this week.

The Congress manifesto, he said, promises that if they come to power, “everyone’s property will be surveyed, it will calculate gold belonging to mothers and sisters and then redistribute it. They won’t even spare your mangalsutra”.

He also said when the Congress was in power under Dr Manmohan Singh, it had said Muslims have the first right on the country’s wealth.

“This means that they will gather this property and distribute it among people who have more children, among infiltrators. Will your hard-earned money be given to infiltrators? Do you accept this? The Congress manifesto is saying this,” PM Modi had said.

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