“Campus has been student friendly; demand for resignation of proctorial board untenable”: EFLU-

From the protests | (Pic: Sourced)

After protests, detainment of students and hunger strike, the administration of The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad, issued a statement noting that “senior administrators” interacted with the students and appealed to them to call off their protests. The statement was issued late in the evening today, November 6, while the protests began at 1 pm outside Gate Two of the campus. 

The administrators shared with the protesting students that all their concerns regarding the sexual assault on campus were understood but the arrest of the culprits is not in their hands and the police are investigating the matter.

“The survivor could not give any clue to identify the culprits to the ICC,” mentioned the statement. 

Regarding the composition of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) and the claim of the students that the Chairperson is holding the post of the Dean is not correct, the statement noted, “She did not hold the post of the Dean or Head at the time of her appointment as the Presiding Officer of the ICC.”

Regarding student elections, it reaffirmed that they will be held post-Telangana Assembly elections.

“No student was restricted to using any space in the campus. Most of the students move around the campus until late hours on nights. No one prevents them from moving around,” it also went on to say. 

“The University administrative functionaries termed the demand for the resignation of the Proctorial Board as untenable,” it said. 


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