Berhampur University signs MoU with Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil-

Pic Credit: EdexLive

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between Berhampur University (BU) in Odisha and the Department of Vernacular Language and Literature (DLLV) of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (FUSC), Brazil to facilitate collaborative research in common areas of interest.

The MoU was signed on Wednesday, November 8 between Bapuji Mende, the coordinator of the Linguistic Department at Berhampur University and Dr Gilvan Miiller de Oliveira of DLLV, FUSC. 

According to PTI, Geetanjali Dash and Sukant Kumar Baral, Vice-Chancellor and Chairman of the Postgraduate Council of Berhampur University and several other faculty members in the university were present at the signing.

Prof Oliveira of the FUSC is also the United Nations Cultural and Scientific Organisation (UNESCO) Chair on Language Policies for Multilingualism (LPM).

As per the MoU, the two institutions have agreed to jointly carry out different academic activities for five years.

These activities include but are not limited to, collaborative research, joint research publications, mutual academic assistance, and visits from the teachers and research scholars in need-based requirements and the like.

Geetanjali Dash, Vice-Chancellor of BU said that the MoU with FUSC would benefit not only the Department of Linguistics but also the students, research scholars and teachers of some other departments of the university.

Earlier, a talk was given by Prof Oliveira on the use of languages in science in 100 years.


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