Bengaluru Woman Groped In Crowded Metro, Friend Shares Harrowing Story On Reddit

Reddit user @proteincarbs, shared the details of the harrowing incident.

A Reddit user shared a traumatising experience involving her friend who was groped by a man in an overcrowded metro. The user asked the social media platform for guidance on how to handle such situations, and the platform helped with the correct measures. 

Reddit user @proteincarbs, shared the details of the harrowing incident. The Reddit user shared that her friend, who usually takes a bus to college, opted for the metro on Monday. In a lengthy, the user explained that around 8.50 am at Majestic, the metro was extremely crowded, much more than usual, with a lot of pushing. The user further explained that the lady who is responsible for managing the crowd let an unusually large number of people inside the train. 

She wrote, “After a while, my friend began to feel very uncomfortable. She soon realized that a man in a red shirt, standing right behind her, was touching and grabbing her from the back. She could literally feel his nails.”

She further explained, “My friend didn’t initially realize what was happening. The moment she turned around, the monster literally sprinted away. She started screaming and crying for help, but nobody seemed to care.”

Asking for guidance, the user wrote, “Can someone please guide me on how to do this? Are there CCTV cameras inside the metro or at the station? Where can I access the footage? Please help me.”

See the post here:

My friend was GROPED in the Metro!!!!!!
byu/proteincarbs inbangalore

Posted 1 day ago, the post has over 517 upvotes and soon Redditors came to her rescue. 

A user wrote, “Hi, I work in this organization. If you file a complaint action will be taken because Metro is fully under CCTV surveillance and tweet the complaint by tagging @cpronammametro. Next anyone faces this just contact the station manager he will provide how action can be taken.”

Another user commented, “CCTV is available. But you might need to jump through some hoops to get access. Someone else tagged St broseph, so I don’t wanna repeat and spam his notifications. He might be able to help you figure out how to gain access. But i do know the CCTV coverage is quite extensive. On another note, there are other responses talking about being around and comforting your friend. While that’s good too, these aren’t exclusive. Fight the good fight. While you are outraged on your friend’s behalf, you are also, very rightfully, outraged on behalf of all of us as a society. You’re acting for your friend, but also for everyone. For you and for me. Fight on!”

“For any Complaints related to Stations / Security Issues / Travel / Recharge / Tokens, passengers may kindly Contact the toll-free Helpline 1800-425-12345. This is what I found,” the third user replied. 

“Nice of you to take this initiative, and people already here tagged St broseph so he would provide you with the necessary help to catch that degenerate… And please take care of your friend, she might need some emotional assistance from you, and do report that guy,” the fourth user wrote. 

“Ignore people replying let it be. Try to find the person using social workers and police hopefully, it will make in the news so that people are afraid to do such acts. You are on the right track. At least try,” the fifth user wrote. 

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