Apple recommends non-usage of ‘uncertified’ chargers for Watch. Here’s why

Apple has recommended non-usage of ‘uncertified’ chargers for Watch, saying in a recent support document update, that only in-house chargers or select non-company ones, must be used for the purpose.

Apple Watch Series 8. (HT Photo/Used only for representation)

Why to avoid non-Apple chargers for Watch?

According to the tech giant, this is because a counterfeit or uncertified charger could lead to a slow charging of the device, as well as repeated chimes, along with a reduced battery lifespan.

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How to identify an Apple charger for Watch?

It is white in colour; also, some Watch chargers come with text and regulatory markings on the charging cable. A non-Apple/unauthorised charger, on the other hand, could have different colours, text, or other designs on the surface of the charging connector.

Also, a Watch charger has one of the following model numbers on the cable: A1570, A1598, A1647, A1714, A1768, A1923, A2055, A2056, A2086, A2255, A2256, A2257, A2458, A2515, A2652, and A2879.

To check the charger manufacturer using a Mac, connect the cable to the Mac, and go to Apple menu> System Settings, then ‘General’ in the sidebar. Now, click ‘About’ (on the right), ‘System Report,’ and ‘USB.’ For details, select your Watch charger and locate the manufacturer.

An Apple charger lists ‘Apple Inc.’ as the manufacturer.

Which non-Apple charger to use for Watch?

Such a charger must have the company’s MFi certification. If it has completed the certification, the charger will get the ‘Made for Apple Watch’ branding on the packaging.

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