Anna University announces 50% exam fee hike for students-

As per a resolution passed by the Finance Committee and the decision of the University Syndicate of Anna University in Chennai, the test and related fees for Engineering students from Tamil Nadu have been increased by about 50 per cent.

While the fee for the undergraduate theory and practical internal exams has increased from Rs 150 to Rs 225 per paper, the fee for the undergraduate project thesis has increased from Rs 300 to Rs 450. The new fees for the postgraduate theory, practical and practical training, mini project, design-related papers, design project work, and summer project will be Rs 650, increased from Rs 450 earlier. 

Similarly, the test cost for the postgraduate project work has increased from Rs 600 to Rs 900 per phase, while the fee for consolidated postgraduate and undergraduate statements of marks, grades, provisional certificates, and degree certificates has increased from Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,500, reports The New Indian Express.

The Controller of Examinations of the university, in his order dated October 20, stated, “The revised fee is applicable for all affiliated colleges, government colleges, and university colleges that come under Anna University with immediate effect.”

Meanwhile, Dr K Ponmudy, Higher Education Minister of Tamil Nadu, said, “The 50% fee hike is not applicable for current semester exams,” during a press conference in Villupuram on Friday, November 17.  The minister further said that steps will be taken to implement a uniform fee structure in all colleges from next year, after consulting all vice-chancellors. 

In response to the decision to raise the fees, PMK President Dr Anbumani Ramadoss urged the state government to intervene and order the institution to revoke the hike. He also urged the government to take proactive steps against similar tuition fee hikes by other universities, emphasising the need to protect students from further financial burdens.

“The revised fees will definitely affect rural students and those hailing from other states,” R Asad Ahmed, Founder and Treasurer of Tamil Nadu Engineering Faculty Welfare Association, told The New Indian Express. “Though, from the university’s point of view, it is necessary to take steps to meet rising costs for stationery and other expenses, the association will request the university drop the plan,” he said.

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