All colleges to procure book on India’s COVID-19 vaccine story-

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All college libraries in Odisha have been asked to procure India’s Vaccine Growth Story – From Cowpox to Vaccine Maitri, authored by Sajjan Singh Yadav, Additional Secretary in the Central government in order to provide students insight into India’s COVID-19 vaccine story.

As per a report by The New Indian Express, the education department in a letter to principals of all the non-government-aided colleges on Friday, November 3, asked them to buy the book for their libraries so that students can read it for free.

The history of India’s COVID-19 vaccine story will be a good learning experience for the younger generation, said the department.

In an official letter released by the department, it said, “The importance of vaccine was well realized during the Covid pandemic as it saved millions of lives. So, the current generation needs to learn about the vaccine’s origin, history, and growth.”

The book digs deep into India’s impressive achievement in developing, producing, and distributing COVID-19 vaccines, added TNIE.

The book authored by additional secretary Sajjan Singh Yadav presents the world’s largest vaccination drive for COVID-19 conducted by India’s central government. Tough and multifaceted challenges overcome in the process like vaccine hesitancy, eagerness, availability, transportation, equitable access, effective communication and expectation management, cold chain dynamics, and vaccine centres logistics have been explained in the book, as per a press release by the Centre.


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