‘AI must be safe for society’: PM Modi on deepfakes at G20 meet | Latest News India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on reiterated his concern about deepfakes, which create ultra-realistic visuals, and echoed the call for global regulations on artificial intelligence.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the G20 virtual summit, in New Delhi, Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2023. (PTI)

Speaking at the opening of a virtual summit of G20 nations, of which India holds the presidency, PM Modi said, “The world is worried about the negative effects of AI. India thinks that we have to work together on the global regulations for AI. Understanding how dangerous deepfake is for society and individuals, we need to work forward. We want AI should reach the people, it must be safe for society.”

Under the leadership of India, the virtual G20 Summit is convened after the successful 18th G20 Leaders’ Summit in New Delhi on September 9 and 10. The summit resulted in the unanimous adoption of the G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration.

During the closing session, PM Modi proposed a virtual reconvening towards the end of India’s G20 presidency to look into the advancements.

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Key points on AI and deepfakes from PM Modi address

● “We must understand dangers posed by deepfakes to society and individuals,” PM Modi said.

● “India’s thinking is clear, we have to work together on global regulation of AI,” PM Modi told G20 leaders.

● “There are growing concerns across the world on negative use of AI,” said PM Modi at G20 virtual summit.

● “Artificial Intelligence (AI) should reach people and must be safe for society,” PM Modi added.

On release of 50 hostages held in Gaza, PM Modi said,”…We welcome the news of the release of hostages. We hope all the hostages will be released soon….”

Israel’s cabinet has approved a temporary ceasefire with Hamas, marking the first pause in the six-week war. The ceasefire aims to facilitate the release of hostages captured by Hamas during its October 7 attack in southern Israel. Additionally, the agreement involves the release of Palestinian prisoners by Israel and an increase in humanitarian aid to Gaza.

India’s G20 Presidency will continue till November 30.

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