‘AI Death Calculator’ makers issue urgent warning about the usage of this spookily accurate tool

Imagine using bizarre AI tools for fun and then it gives you your worst nightmare. Forget fortune tellers and dusty palms, the future of mortality might be chillingly digital, but what if some of these tools were scams as well?

Life2vec AI chatbot predicts mortality with 78% accuracy, faces copycat scams targeting personal data, warns creators.

The creators of Life2vec, the scarily accurate death calculator invented by US and Danish scientists, fear a number of copycat scams are appearing online. The technological advancement, which has the capacity to determine life expectancy correctly 78% of the time, is being rapidly copied by several fraudulent sites that you should be aware of.

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Caution when using the AI death calculator

Life2vec, an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by a team of scientists from the US and Denmark, was unveiled in December. The program claims to be able to predict life expectancy with remarkable accuracy. It also claims to be capable of predicting financial outcomes. However, there is a downside to this success story: scammers are creating fake websites pretending to be the original Life2vec chatbot. According to the company, the fake sites have “nothing in common” with the original, and their goal is likely to take advantage of unsuspecting users.

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“We are aware of Life2vec social media accounts, and there is at least one fraudulent website,” the creators of this tool issued a warning, reported by Metro. “We are not affiliated with these or any other entities that claim to use our technology.” They added in their statement now available on their official website as well.

Frauds are stealing data

According to the creators of Life2vec, these phishing websites are designed to steal personal information, including emails, phone numbers, and credit card details, as well as spread malware.

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Is AI Death Calculator available for public usage?

For users attempting to access this tool, it is important to note that Life2vec has not yet been made available to the public or businesses, as the software is hosted at Statistics Denmark. The company’s decision to restrict its use to official and research purposes is based on ethical concerns regarding privacy and sensitive data usage. However, this has not deterred criminals from attempting to profit from the morbid forecaster.

“We are not affiliated with these or any other entities that claim to use our technology,” the creators said in a statement. The original model is based on health and demographic data from six million Danes aged 35-65 years old. It predicts mortality with a 78% accuracy rate, taking into account factors such as income, occupation, medical background, and life events. The study was led by Professor Sune LEHMANN, a professor at TEU, who emphasized AI’s capacity to predict health outcomes as well as financial success.

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