After Rashmika Mandanna Video, Katrina Kaif’s Deepfake Pic From ‘Tiger 3’ Surfaces

Several social media users strongly reacted to Katrina Kaif’s deepfake picture.

Days after a deepkfake video of Rashmika Mandanna shocked the film fraternity, a digitally altered or deepfake image of Katrina Kaif from her upcoming film ‘Tiger 3’ has surfaced online. The original picture shows the Bollywood star fighting a Hollywood stuntwoman clad in a towel. However, in the now-viral edited version, Ms Kaif could be seen wearing a low-cut white top and a matching bottom instead of the towel. The image has been altered using AI tools, which have the ability to manipulate and replace individuals’ faces in videos and pictures, often resulting in misleading or fabricated content.

Taking to social media, several users strongly reacted to Ms Kaif’s deepfake picture. “Katrina Kaif’s towel scene from Tiger 3 gets morphed. Deepfake picture is garnering attention and it’s really shameful. AI is a great tool but using it to morph women is outright criminal offence. Feels disgusted,” wrote one user. 

“Deepfake is really scary! I need to take precautions i think!” said another. “I’m Completely agree with her. AI is going to be dangerous day by day,” commented a third, referring to a statement issued by Rashmika Mandanna on her deepfake video. 

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In Rashmika Mandanna’s case, a deepfake video shows a woman, dressed in black, entering a lift. However, her face has been morphed and edited in a way that it resembles the actor. Several social media users pointed out that the video is fake, raising questions on how “unreliable” information is spreading rapidly on the internet. Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan also demanded legal action after the morphed video started circulating online. Rashmika Mandanna reacted to the same and called it “extremely scary”. 

Meanwhile, the Centre has sent a rule reminder to social media platforms after the viral deepfake video sparked concern over the use of Artificial Intelligence to spread disinformation, according to sources.

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