A Look Back At Big Changes Brought In By Chief Justice Over Last Year

New Delhi:

Making court premises inclusive and accessible, hybrid hearing system, accessibility to judgments in regional languages, combating gender stereotypes in judicial discourse are some of the initiatives undertaken by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud over the last year. 

The Chief Justice completes a year in office tomorrow.

To build a gender just legal order, the Supreme Court also launched a “Handbook on Combating Gender Stereotypes” aimed at uprooting gender cliches from judicial discourse.  

Nudged by the Chief Justice, the top court took the lead towards inclusion of LGBTQIA + community within the court complex. 

Universal rest rooms were created, online appearance portal launched earlier this year was also made gender neutral as part of the effort. Sanitary napkin vending machines and 14 incinerators have also been installed in all the ladies washrooms within the judicial complex.

The Chief Justice has also introduced litigant friendly facilities which include hybrid hearing system, upgradation of Integrated Case Management System(ICMIS), among others.

A champion of personal liberty, the Chief Justice has directed listing of 10 transfer petitions every day along with bail applications before each court.

A new system of mentioning matters has also been introduced, ensuring that all urgent matters be mentioned timely before the court.

For the convenience of visitors and the public, a Su-Swagatam portal has been launched for creation of an e-entry pass, making the court more accessible.

Efforts have also been made to fill up the vacancies and augment the staff strength at the top court through open examination, departmental test, deputation and compassionate appointments.

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