94% deepfake adult content videos target entertainment industry celebs: Survey

A recent survey on deepfake content reveals that adult content makes up 98 per cent of all deepfake videos online. 99 per cent of the realistic looking pornography features female subjects. India ranks 6th among the nations most susceptible to deepfake adult content.

Deepfake is AI creating fake videos by swapping faces or altering voices.(Image by Freepik)

According to the 2023 State of Deepfakes report from the United States-based Home Security Heroes, public figures, particularly those in the entertainment industry, face a higher risk due to their visibility and potential impact on careers.

With deepfake technology fake videos are created by swapping faces or altering voices.

The report, shared with HT, reveals that 94 per cent of individuals featured in deepfake pornography videos are affiliated with the entertainment sector, including singers, actresses, social media influencers, models, and athletes.

Why deepfake pornography is on rise?

There has been a 550 per cent increase in the number of deepfake videos found online this year compared to 2019, the survey adds.

The survey says, creating a 60-second deepfake pornographic video is now quicker and more affordable than ever, taking less than 25 minutes and costing as little as 0 using just one clear face image.

Two significant factors, the rise of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and the increasing availability of user-friendly tools, software, and communities, have played pivotal roles in shaping the landscape of deepfakes., the survey says.

One in every three deepfake tools allows users to generate adult content using AI-driven manipulation techniques, the survey reads. While 92.3 per cent of these platforms offer free access with certain limitations, it adds.

The proliferation of user-friendly deepfake tools is evident, with approximately 42 tools collectively receiving 1 crore monthly searches. These tools cater to a broad spectrum of users, with 40 per cent being downloadable applications and the remaining 60 per cent offered as web-based platforms, providing diverse accessibility options.

The survey reveals that 20 per cent of participants have considered learning how to create deepfake pornography, reflecting a growing interest in this technology. One in ten respondents admitted to attempting the creation of deepfake pornography featuring celebrities.

How worse is India affected?

South Korea leads the nations most susceptible to deepfake adult content, with a staggering 53 per cent susceptibility rate. Other countries on the list include America (20 per cent), Japan (10 per cent), England (6 per cent) and India (2 per cent). Countries like China, Taiwan, and Israel fall within the 3 to 1 per cent range, while the rest of the world collectively faces a 4 per cent of being targeted for explicit deepfake content.

Home Security Heroes, the firm offering services to protect identity theft, studied 95,820 deepfake videos, 85 dedicated online channels, and more than 100 websites linked to the deepfake ecosystem, to produce the report.

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