4 Involved In Twin Security Breach At Parliament Identified

New Delhi:

The two men who triggered a massive security breach in the Lok Sabha have been identified as Sagar Sharma, the son of Shankarlal Sharma, and 35-year-old D Manoranjan, the son of D Devaraj, police sources told Newsbust India Wednesday afternoon. The two detained outside Parliament have been identified as Neelam, a 42-year-old woman, and Amol Shinde. 25.

Police sources have released limited information about the intruders, but have said Manoranjan is from Mysuru and a graduate in Computer Sciences from a city college.

One of those detained from outside Parliament is reportedly from Haryana’s Hisar.

All four have been arrested and the anti-terror cell of Delhi Police is leading the investigation. Top officials, including Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora, are at Parliament.

Parliament Smoke Attack: What Happened

At 1.02 pm chaos erupted in the Lok Sabha after one man jumped from the visitors’ gallery and ran into the chamber. A second remained in the gallery. Both deployed canisters spewing yellow smoke. In a video shared online, the man who ran into the chamber jumped desks to try and evade capture.

However, he was eventually cornered by MPs. Furious opposition lawmakers, understandably concerned for their security, have questioned the breach, pointing out that the smoke could have been toxic. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, whose office is in-charge of security for the Lower House, has vowed that a thorough investigation will take place.

Parliament Smoke Attack: What We Know So Far

A visitor’s pass was recovered after the two intruders were caught; photographs of the pass are with Newsbust India and indications are they were issued by the office of Pratap Simha, the BJP MP from Mysuru in Karnataka.

Shocking visuals of the breach showed one man, in a blue shirt and believed to Sagar Sharma, jumping from desk to desk as he tries to evade capture and reach the Speaker’s Chair. The second individual remained in the visitors’ gallery and burst his canister.

Meanwhile, moments earlier, two others were detained outside Parliament after they set off red and yellow-coloured gas canisters and shouted slogans against dictatorship.

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