2-Year-Old Rescued From 16-Feet Deep Borewell In Karnataka After 18 Hours

New Delhi:

A two-year-old boy who fell into a borewell in Karnataka was rescued after a 18-hour-long operation. Rescue operations had begun around 6.30 pm on Wednesday evening after the child fell into a 16-feet deep borewell in Lachayan village.

According to the police, the child fell into the borewell when he went out to play near his house. The boy is believed to have fallen head first. The matter came to light when someone heard the child cry and immediately informed the family.

Authorities had dug a pit about 21-feet deep parallel to the borewell using an excavator to rescue the boy.

It is still not known how the child is doing. A medical team is stationed at the spot with oxygen, and an emergency first aid medication including injections have been kept ready. An ambulance has also been kept on stand-by to shift the child to a hospital at Indi immediately once rescued.

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