15 students hospitalised after consuming mid-day meal at school-

Over 15 students from a government primary school at Tekulapalem village in Andhra Pradesh’s Annamayya district were admitted to a hospital after falling ill due to the mid-day meal consumed on school premises, a report by ANI stated.

The affected students were shifted to the hospital by the school authorities upon receiving the information.

The students alleged that the cause of their illness was a lizard falling into the meal during the rice-cooking process.

Revenue Division Officer (RDO) Murali, upon reaching the hospital, reassured that the situation wasn’t severe, with no reports of vomiting among the students. He affirmed that all children are recovering and will be discharged to their homes once fully recuperated, added ANI.

The headmaster of the school claimed that no evidence of a lizard was found in the vessels used for cooking and despite thorough inspections, neither the school nor authorities discovered any signs of contamination.

He further said that everyone is safe and vaccinated so there is nothing to worry about.


Similar incident

Earlier in the month of October, sixteen students of a Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) run school allegedly fell ill after consuming a mid-day meal in Mumbai’s Anik village.

“The 16 students were brought to the hospital after they complained of vomiting and abdominal pain following the mid-day meal at school. They have been admitted to the paediatric ward,” said Sunil Phakle, Dean of Jan Shatabdi Hospital, Chembur.

Similarly, in September this year, around 50 students of a primary school in Bihar were hospitalised after they fell ill post-consuming their mid-day meal.

“Around 50 school children complained of stomach aches and vomiting after allegedly consuming a mid-day meal at a primary school in Dumra Block of Sitamarhi district on September 12,” an official said.

The children were referred to Sadar Hospital.

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