10 Nursing students hospitalised after chlorine gas leak in Mathura-

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Around 10 nursing students were hospitalised after an incident of chlorine gas leakage from a cylinder stored at the Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO) office campus in Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.

According to the Fire Department personnel, the issue began on Thursday evening, November 2, when they were informed about the incident, reported ANI.

“The issue started last evening and the team had controlled it. However, it has again taken place today. The team has been here for an hour now. It has made breathing difficult and people are unable to work,” a Fire Department official said.

Nursing students who were present at the time of the leakage said that authorities did not take immediate action.

“There has been an issue with the cylinder since yesterday but no action has been taken. Suddenly, everyone has fallen ill today. Everyone knew of the situation but no action was taken,” a nursing student said.

An ambulance and fire brigade have been dispatched to the site of the incident, officials said.

“We could smell something since last evening. The Fire Brigade was called and everything was checked and settled. But this morning again around 11 am, there was a smell of gas leakage and the smell spread in the area. Some students of ANM training centre panicked and started feeling nauseous. As of now, there have been no casualties, everyone is safe,” Chief Medical Officer Ajay Verma said.


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