When He Was Hungry, The Bear Entered The Shop And Stole The Snacks Of His Choice, People Said – Dadda Has The Right

Dadi Ka Viral video: Everyday some video goes viral on social media. Even today a video is going viral, after seeing which we are shocked or surprised. Even today a video is going viral, in which it can be seen that a bear was hungry. In such a situation, where was Bear Dadda going to stop? Without delay, they enter a shopping complex and run away with their favorite snacks. All this matter gets captured in the video. People are liking this video very much on social media.

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In the video, it can be seen how Bear Raja enters inside the shop and walks with the salty of his choice. People are liking this video on social media. People are getting shocked after watching this video. People are also commenting fiercely on this video. Usually it happens that people drive away animals, but this shopkeeper has not done anything.

This video going viral has been put on Twitter. This video has been shared by a Twitter user named @buitengebieden. Till the time of writing the news of this video going viral, this video has got more than 6 lakh views. Many people have also commented on this video. Commenting on a user has written – It is Dada’s day, let us eat.

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