This is not a possessed spirit, but Dissociative Identity Disorder; Learn everything from experts Dissociative identity disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) Know everything about it

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22 minutes agoAuthor: Ayushi Goswami

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You must have heard about many people living inside the same person. In India, it is often considered to be the abode of ghosts and ghosts and it is resorted to techniques like tantra-mantra. But you will be surprised to know that this can happen to a person due to a mental illness, which is named Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Earlier it was also called Multiple Personality Disorder.

To know more about DID, we spoke to Dr. Jinesh Shah, Adult and Child Psychiatrist at Apollo Hospital Ahmedabad.

Question: What is DID and why does it happen?

answer: Dissociative identity disorder is a mental illness in which a person has two or more personalities. This problem is called dissociation. It means detaching yourself from your mental processes such as being conscious, perception and memory.

There can be many reasons for DID, but the biggest reason for this is trauma. This means any kind of physical or mental shock. It usually comes from physical, mental or sexual abuse in childhood.

Understand DID from 3 cases…

Case 1: Rishabh (name changed) was scolded by his father since childhood. Due to his calm nature, he could bear everything silently. But at the age of 18-19 years, this trauma could not be handled by him. Another personality developed in him. This personality used to fight with his father when he scolded him. During this, Rishabh used to raise his hand on his father, abusing him. The father was also surprised to see this.

Case 2: Shahnaz (name changed) is part of a very conservative Muslim family. In his house, in his childhood, marriage is fixed with the children of maternal uncle and uncle. Due to these problems, Shahnaz’s second personality became. Whenever it came out, Shehnaaz would behave violently. He and his family members started feeling that Jin had come inside him for a while. On contacting the doctor, it was found that Shahnaz had DID.

Case 3: Daniel (name changed) is a resident of Britain. He was bullied a lot in school. He can never stand in front of other children. Due to this 5 personality developed in Daniel. One personality used to protect Daniel from the bully children, while the other used to teach him how to live life like an elder.

Deep psychotherapy is needed to treat DID.

Deep psychotherapy is needed to treat DID.

Question: Is DID properly presented in movies?

answer: This disorder is shown exaggerated in movies because this topic is very interesting. In movies, the personality of a DID patient is good and a monster. But in reality it is not so. Personality is developed to handle only that trauma, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be bad.

Similarly, there is a belief that DID patients do not remember what their personality did. Actually that didn’t happen. Patients can remember everything from blurred memory.

Question: What is the status of DID patients in India?

answer: DID patients are considered insane in our country. There is absolutely no awareness about this disease here. Apart from this, most of the patients of DID are in rural areas, because they are suffering some kind of trauma. Due to lack of awareness, these patients never come forward. They do not even have access to mental health services.

Question: What is the treatment for DID?

answer: DID requires deep psychotherapy. This includes things like mental therapy, family therapy, relaxation techniques, and meditation. Medicines are also used in this. The patient is trained not to be triggered by trauma. According to the US National Library of Medicine, a patient suffers from DID for 5 to 12.5 years before treatment.

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