Sunil Mittal Says Digital Activity To Contribute 15–16% Of GDP Soon

A robust telecom network is essential for the growth of the digital economy, Mittal said. “Today, a number of government engagements with the society are built across digital and we should ensure the availability to all citizens of the country,” he said.

The challenge is to reach the last mile in telecommunications, even as India adds internet users at a rapid pace. Mittal underscored the importance of connecting every economic constituent through digital channels. He stressed the need to ensure universal internet access for all citizens and advocated for education in technologies.

The Digital India initiative played a crucial role in helping the country overcome challenges posed by the pandemic, according to Mittal.

The space sector is the new frontier, where every state actor and private player are moving very fast, he said. “In the coming years, India will be a main actor in the space industry.”

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