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When we aim to achieve something, we should have a plan of action. However, we often forget the importance of intertwining our emotions to our goal-setting process to intensify it and add more value and significance to it. “By integrating your desired feelings into your goal-setting process, you create a more authentic and fulfilling path for personal and professional development. Your goals become a reflection of the life you want to lead, guided by the emotions that matter most to you,” wrote Therapist Israa Nasir. Here are a few steps to connect our emotions to our goal-setting process. Take a look.

Steps to connect your feelings to your goal-setting process(Unsplash)

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Identify core desired feelings: We need to identify the emotions that we want to feel on a daily basis. It can be feelings of joy, happiness, contentment, satisfaction and elation. Then we need to consider the positive moments and people that bring these emotions to us.

Clarify values: We should connect our values to our goals. Attaching our value system to our desired feelings and goals helps us to add more meaning to the entire process and makes it more desirable for us to work on.

Set goals assigned with feelings: Instead of setting generic goals based on stereotypes, we should focus on setting goals that are connected to our value system and are emotionally charged in nature. This will further help us to work on it.

Reflect and adjust: We need to regularly reflect on progress and adjust the actions to make them more aligned to our feelings. We should regularly reflect on whether the goals bring us the desired feelings. If not, we should work on changing them and aligning them better.

“This is not about conforming to external expectations; it’s about embracing your authentic self and crafting a journey that resonates with your true desires,” Israa further added.

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