Russia Ukraine War UFO Everywhere Over Kyiv Claims Astronomers – UFO sighting…claims Ukraine’s space scientists amid war

Swarms of UFOs were claimed to be seen in the sky of the capital Kyiv amid the Ukraine War (symbolic photo)

russia ukraine war Amidst the (Russia Ukraine War) space scientists of Ukraine have made a unique claim. Ukraine’s space scientists say they have found them everywhere above the sky over the capital Kyiv. UFO are visible. According to the New York PostThe National Academy of Science of Ukraine has published a new research paper. This new research paper of the Main Astronomical Observatory here has attracted the attention of many people. The paper is titled, “Unidentified area phenomena I. Observations of events,”. Several UFOs have been seen from two meter observation stations in the village.

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The authors of this paper say, “We see them everywhere. We have seen many such objects whose nature is not clear.” He further says that more UFO flights were seen in any one or group, which were flying at a speed of 3 to 15 degrees per second.

There itself according to A swarm of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) is visible in the skies of Kyiv these days. Ukraine and Russia are at war these days and a US intelligence agency has speculated that these alleged UFOs may be military equipment that cannot be easily identified.

arXiv database It has been claimed in the report published in that, it has not been peer reviewed yet. It details the steps Ukrainian astronomers are taking to monitor these fast-flying, low-visibility objects.

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