Observe kids… Choose their career from 4 tips on yin-yang. Observe kids… choose their career from 4 yin-yang tips

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Balance is everything in nature, so many things in the world come in pairs – yin-yang, right-wrong, man-woman!

– Angelina Jolie (Hollywood actress)

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All parents and teachers – today I will tell you how Yin Yang With the help of this, you can identify the personality traits in your children and plan their career. First understand yin-yang. Are you ready?

Yin–Yang: Concept taken from Taoism

The ancient belief of China is a philosophical concept of Taoism called Yin Yang it is said. It describes the interconnected opposite forces. Such as winter-summer, cold-hot, dark-light, good and bad, north-south, men and women, birth and death, creation and destruction, weak and strong, heaven and hell, police and thieves, etc. The yin is shown as black in the round picture, and the yang in white.

These look contradictory, but are complementary.

2 aspects of yin-yang life

It is also true, life always appears in pairs of two, like (1) How can one experience happiness without sorrow? (2) If you are not a thief then what is the point of being the police? (3) Unless the old thing is destroyed, how will the new be created? That is to say that life is made up of two completely opposite things meeting and moving together, like darkness in the night and light in the day.

Similarly yin-yang are the two aspects of our personality, which interact, form each other, the former controls the other and the other the first, and thus our world is created.

male and female

Within every man are the qualities of a woman, and within every woman there are those of a man. Seeing his child, even a harsh father becomes gentle and gentle, and seeing the enemy, Rani Lakshmi Bai becomes a lion.

So what is ‘yin’

Children’s qualities of imagination and deep thinking reflect the yin aspect of their personality.

Simply put, in children with the ‘Yin’ trait, you will see qualities of receptivity (learning something quickly), imagination, intuition, mystery, silence, tenderness, mystery, deep thinking, solitude, etc. Children with such qualities can pursue a career in Management, Human Resources, Art, Music, Acting, Services Industry like Hotel Management, Teaching, Research Scientist, Software, Graphic Design, Sports which require focus like, Chess, Shooting etc. can make.

And what is ‘yang’

The qualities of children's activity and better focus towards a goal show the Yang side of their personality.

The qualities of children’s activity and better focus towards a goal show the Yang side of their personality.

Children with the ‘Yang’ Trait will show the qualities of activity, focus, action, expansion, growth, precision, goal-orientedness, aggression, application, directness, logic, order, etc. Children with such qualities can successfully pursue careers in the military, police, aggressive marketing, high-physical sports such as football, rugby, cycling, mountaineering, sports that combine aggression and agility such as boxing, etc.

You can focus on these energies in your children and choose the right career for them.

Yin-Yang was invented in China around 600 BCE.  It was made to know the changes related to the sun and the weather in ancient times so that the people of that time would get better information about the weather.

Yin-Yang was invented in China around 600 BCE. It was made to know the changes related to the sun and the weather in ancient times so that the people of that time would get better information about the weather.

what does western science say

Western medicine accepts the yin/yang balance as balancing the Autonomous Nervous System (ANS). The ANS is a part of the entire nervous system, which acts mainly unconsciously and automatically, and influences many functions such as heart beat, digestion, respiratory rate, sleep, and sexual arousal. It is made up of the sympathetic (yang) and parasympathetic (yin) nervous systems, which are always on. Sometimes the yin part is more active and sometimes the yang.

The sympathetic (yang) NS is activated by danger or stress and puts the organism into a ‘fight and flight’ response. The parasympathetic NS (Yin part) controls our ‘rest and digest’ or ‘feed and breed’ functions.

Career Planning from Yin Yang: 4 Steps

1) First, you need to observe your baby’s movements for as long as possible without disturbing them. From that gradually you will come to know which qualities are more in the child.

2) We are all made up of a confluence of yin and yang energies. So don’t panic if you get mixed results. Let’s look at relative quantities only.

3) Once the yin and yang are marked, talk slowly to the child about those careers. Learn how they react.

4) Then, in mutual coordination, the parent and teacher decide the career of the child.

Remember, the career development decision is not a one-time thing but it is a process of taking small decisions every day over the years. All careers are formed by the balance of yin and yang.

Today’s career fundament is to develop the career of your children by closely understanding the interconnected currents of yin-yang.

Will show it!

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