Nivesh 2024 organised by IIM Lucknow explored theme of financial frontiers and new arising opportuni-

The student-run investment club, Credence Capital of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow concluded its three-day summit, Nivesh 2024, dedicated to fostering a culture of investment and financial management among students. The theme for this year was the New Financial Frontiers: Opportunities in India’s Autonomous Economy, according to a press release by IIM Lucknow.

More about the club

The club, Credence Capital, was established in 2005 and is a well-known club that seeks to enhance the community’s understanding of financial markets, asset management, and personal finance through investment analysis.

It also advises the largest and oldest student-run investment fund, providing students with hands-on experience in investment management and trading strategies, complementing their academic and professional learning.

Professor Ajay Garg, Dean and Professor of Finance and Accounting, IIM Lucknow, said that summits like Nivesh provide a platform for students to learn from various industry experts and academicians with insightful discussions and explore the trends of the financial domain.  

Some key takeaways of Nivesh 2024

This year a key attraction of Nivesh 2024 was Investowise, a stock pitch and industry analysis competition that witnessed the participation of 600 students divided into eight teams competing against each other.

The event that was organised from January 12 to 14 kickstarted with an Intangible Valuations session conducted by Professor Aswath Damodaran from New York University.

A panel discussion also brought together industry stalwarts including Deepak Gaur (Venture Partner at Elevation Capital), Ajay Mahipal (MD at HealthQuad), Amitabh Verma (Director of Fission Wealth), Abheek Barua (Chief Economist at HDFC Bank) and Lipika Saxena (EVP at RBL Bank) who shared their views on the financial sector, the growth of the start-up ecosystem, the rising disposable income of retail investors, and how it can be channelled towards helping the wealth management sector boom.

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