Muslim Organization Objected To The Suggestion To Change School Timings In Kerala

Religious organizations are opposing this decision.


After news of changes in school timings in the state by a committee appointed by the Kerala government came to the media, a leading organization of Muslim scholars on Friday opposed it and said that the decision This will have a bad effect on the children studying in the madrassa. The Samasta Kerala Jamiat ul Ulama, also known as Samasta, an organization of Sunni scholars, has said that the decision appears to have intended to discourage the study of religious studies. The organization said that this decision is not acceptable at any cost.

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A senior functionary of Samast said that the ideology of atheism is inherent in communism but the Left Front government cannot implement it as its policy and they have to take everyone along. Samasta leader Abdusamand Pukkotur said, “The change in the current timing of the school will affect the education of the madrasa. Even at present, only the time from 7 to 8.30 in the morning is available for religious studies.

He said, “If the new timing is implemented, then the children will not get time for madrassa. That’s why religious organizations are opposing this decision.” M.A. on school education constituted by the state government. The Khadar Committee has submitted its report to the government, in which it has reportedly been suggested to change the school timings from 8 am to 1 pm.

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